Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One Month Anniversary ...


T H A N K S - E V E R Y O N E ...
... who spared their precious time to read and leave a comment here!!!
I whole heartedly appreciate this gesture ...
How-so-ever hackneyed it sounds; I sincerely and honestly mean it!!!

One of my first few write-ups; was on my “coffee-drinking” habit;
and today; the “Chicago Tribune” comes with a front page news-item:
“... a team of Austrian researchers using advanced brain-imaging technology has discovered that caffeine makes people more alert by perking up part of the brain involved in short-term memory, the kind that helps focus attention on the tasks at hand ...”
So there's a 'good' excuse for my 'bad' habit ...

Another post briefly covered the proposed ban on ‘smoking in public places’ in Chicago!!! Seems the issue is still under consideration; and some sort of compromise is being discussed which will probably exempt bars from the ban ...

Added three more Blogs...

[1] Shhh... Movies On
Added a new post today ... The Blacks' magic

[2]The Sound of Music:
Finally I completed my self-assigned project ...
to chronicle the development of one of the most influential cultural phenomenon of our times: ROCK N ROLL !!!

It is now widely accepted that Bill Haley’s song “Rock Round the Clock”; released in the year 1954; is the “first-ever” Rock - song to be recorded. So the year 2004 marks the completion of 50 years of rock-music. Though music scene is now dominated by hip-hop, Rock still lives-on ...

After writing 10 posts on the history of Rock-music ...
I notice some serious lacunas ...
Some very influential artists/bands have been grossly under-represented or conspicuously absent; notably
- The Rolling Stones
- Eric Clapton
- Neil Diamond
Incidentally, the first two happen to be my favourite artists ...
Well whatever !!!
I’m happy to be able to roughly cover the major trends in the evolution of Rock-music in less than a month’s time ...
Nineties to the present
MTV and The Digital Revolution
Eighties Metal

[3] ALSO: Started … “My Photo Journal"
Millennium Park
Chicago Riverside

Friday, November 25, 2005

Functional Fashion

Chicago is already freezing ... temperature has dropped to below zero degrees ...
[Thanksgiving Day temp. = - 8 degree C / 18 degree F !!!]

I often wonder how on earth our Native Americans or Indian Americans survive this atrocious winter?? Chicago is a flat prairie land; there are no caves to take shelter. Their only protection against this barbaric winter was their tents and blankets. The tent of Pottawatomi’s [principal tribe here] called tipi [teepee]; was made from wooden poles, which were tied at the top and spread out at the bottom to form a cone and was covered with bison skin. Their blankets were made of woven plant fiber, animal hides or fur. But is this protection good enough for the bone-penetrating wind-chill we get? Hats off to them ...

In fact hat / cap is the only accessory I can dispense with; in the winter ensemble of overcoat, muffler, gloves and boots!!! But then donning this entire outfit makes me feel so confined, so cumbersome and so uncomfortable that I got to take them off as soon as I'm indoors. Now this makes me wonder how for several hundreds of years women used to dress up in tightly-fitted corsets and multiple-layers of under slips? When I see picture of women dressed in “Edwardian” style with high-collar, long-sleeves, flowing-gowns, with pleats gathered behind; I marvel how could they even breathe in that; leave alone perform any household chores? Those lucky dames definitely depended heavily on cheap domestic help, without which, I think it’s next to impossible to maintain the highly decorated exaggerated S-shape clothing and ornate hair styles. In fact, this style was in vogue till as late as the beginning of the twentieth century ...

The two world wars largely changed women’s fashion forever. Men left home for war; and women started working in factories. Their cloths became simpler, uncluttered and more functional; and they even slipped into pants, suits and jackets. Military or uniform type of look became popular and when there were shortages, or fabrics were rationed; mix-n-match style was adopted with gusto. This was such a change from earlier decades of extravagance.

Fashion by definition keeps changing. It’s absolutely fascinating to note how aptly fashion mirrors its times. Styles not only reflect our liberal or conservative outlook, or convey subtle or overt sexual messages; but are also important lessons on changing times. Fashion at once can become a lesson in history, in culture and also in the technical advancement of its time ...

In this context; I’ll bring the name of DuPont, the American company that has been extensively producing synthetic fibers. When nylon was introduced as “wonder / miracle fabric”; in around 40’s, it completely revolutionarized the fashion world. It was combined with natural fibers as wool or cotton; to make “easy care fabrics “, which were also much cheaper. This made life simpler for average women who by this time were increasingly joining the work force. The introduction of spandex / Lycra in 1958 is another landmark event. It has totally changed the feel of inner, outer and active wear and is now widely used in sports, workout and swim wears…In fact; during the disco fashion of the seventies; spandex fiber was used in fabrics, to increase stretch capabilities, which facilitated free dance movements ...

So fashion is not all about glamour, hot couture or catwalks ...
It’s rather a reflection of changing times and is a function of the culture and values of our society. Now in the 21st century when the battle between the sexes is waning; men are adding pink garments to their wardrobes. Not only the younger generation but even the older icons like Larry King and Mick Jagger are embracing pink. Traditionally a ladies color, this trend subtly reflects a paradigm shift in values of our society; that men are daring to show their sensitive side ...
Now this is a highly *symbolic* fashion-statement of our times ...

Just that it shouldn’t go too far, men with long hair and ear-studs are okay …
But I'm yet not ready for men in skirts ...
Scots are excused!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Celebrity Activism

Today when journalism is increasingly becoming a celebrity publicity machine; it’s heartening to note is that celebrities are increasingly becoming activists. I think it’s a wonderful trend. Popular culture is powerful. Names like Bono, Angelina Jolie and Susan Sarandon increase the buzz and motivate people to come out in support of their cause. Good journalism is a lot about making what is relevant, interesting. Kudos to Hollywood and our music industry for lending their names to issues that matter.…
Three pet projects of these bigwigs has been:
- Anti-war protests;
- Africa
- Green earth/environment

Hollywood is said to be predominantly liberal and has a long history of political activism. In the 50’s, Humphrey Bogart had led protests against US government probe of communism in Hollywood. Now superstars like Bruce Springsteen, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, Ben Affleck … are extremely vocal in their opposition to the Iraq-war.

Not long back we witnessed what is said to be the biggest event in human history: Live 8. Was it successful? At least the G8 has cancelled debt against African nations. Many stars have lent their names to the ONE campaign including Bono, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jamie Foxx ...

The One campaign is for a pact which includes such measures …
"as fair trade, debt relief, fighting corruption and directing additional resources for basic needs - education, health, clean water, food, and care for orphans - would transform the futures and hopes of an entire generation in the poorest countries .."

Hollywood has also been is pumping in new life to environmental cause. Cameron Diaz, Matt Damon have assumed the role of spokespersons for Green Earth. Stars are increasingly using hybrid gas-electric cars to show concern for greenhouse gases. Pam Anderson, Alec Baldwin, Paul McCartney are all supporters of PETA. Some stars have their own pet-projects. Christopher Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenegger – Stem Cell research; Lance Armstrong – cancer research, Richard Gere - campaign for Tibet ...

This write-up comes as an afterthought ...
when I wrote my reviews on a brilliant movie I saw Good Night and Good Luck [Shhh...Movie's On]
It has two strong messages:
- criticizing government policies is not being unpatriotic
- mass media and investigative journalism have very powerful position in a democracy
Apart from producing movies on relevant themes, Hollywood stars are increasingly becoming social activists. George Clooney is staunchly anti-war ... so I decided to write on this topic ...

Also Long back I'd touched upon this topic of "celebrity activism" as just a comment in HOH's blog. I just went through it again and what I'd written there is relevant even here ...
... though I've come across lots of people snubbing-sneering-scoffing against celebrity-activism; arguing that its another publicity stunt, a carefully orchestrated ploy to add-to their star value. But I dont find anything wrong with that. Moreover they are humans and its natural for them to feel strongly about some issues. They are in a better position to raise public awareness. Who could be more of an inspiration to cancer patients than Lance Armstrong??

ALSO: Stuck in the sixties
Punk Rock ... [The sound of music]

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I love the Brits!!!
As if their crisp accent; stiff upper-lips; witty sense of humor aren’t enough; they got the most eccentric Royal Family to talk about! Even their butlers, chauffeurs and pet dogs make headline news. My heart still goes out for Princess Diana, though I've nothing against Camilla! hmm ... Isnt there a lot of wisdom in our commonly used proverbs: Looks dont matter at all ...

Though British cuisine is usually labeled as bland and unsavory; but it suits my palette. As much as I enjoy spicy Indian food, I relish fish-n-chips and even baked potatoes especially with tuna stuffing! Then to snack-on there’s a selection of muffins, shortcakes, scones, haggis ... n Irish coffee!!! What I really find very heartening, is to know that the Brits fancy Indian food as much or even more; savoring our ... curries, tikka masala, samosas n even mango-chutney. It's been ages since Darjeeling n Assam teas have made way to their breakfast tables; though now ‘herbal‘ is the new fad.

Interestingly; the British Empire had once colonized both the countries of great relevance to me; where I grew up and where I’m living now. But it’s fascinating to note how with changing times , the power equations also change. Though Britain was once a superpower, America is one now and India is an emerging one!

Now, if you’re wondering as to why out of nowhere, I’m talking on Britain,
I got an explanation ...
I just finished writing two posts with a common theme: the British influence ...

Here: British Movies ... [Shhh... Movie's On]
The British Invasion ... [The Sound of Music]
Can't get enough of sixties ... [The Sound of Music]

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Shhh... Movie's On

Started a Blog on movies...
First few posts would likely be on basics like: genre, film festivals, ratings, production houses ....

Again I'm depending heavily on my "scribble pad" which has become a treasure trove of most eclectic ensemble of thoughts that I indulge in; ranging from trite to bizarre ...

Here's : Film Genres

Friday, November 11, 2005

Body Beautiful

Few days back, a news piece on CNN left me aghast.
There was a beautiful young girl; in her teens; BUT suffering from an acute “Negative Self Image”!!! I was shocked!!! To me, she was a knockout! So gorgeous as to have the potential of inspiring rhymes like …“Chubby cheeks, dimple chin, rosy lips, teeth within; eyes are blue, lovely too….” But to my horror; she described herself as “grotesque” looking!!! I was stupefied!!! Here was another victim of the impossible standards of beauty some people try to attain.

I wonder; if our fashion-diet-cosmetic industries; are partly to be blamed?
After all, aren’t they guilty of advertising products which claim to “correct” the inherent “flaws” making people feel bad about themselves? Innocent impressionable minds fall prey to this ongoing bombardment on TV n magazines … and sometimes take extreme measures hoping to get a ‘perfect’ Plaster-of-Paris mannequin look. It’s insane, how gallantly they subject themselves to something which is akin to torture-chambers; where their bodies are poked and pierced with needles, pins, knives n scissors for surgical procedures like cosmetic surgery, silicon implants, tummy tucks ... Its appalling to see some very-normal looking people, suffering with dangerous eating disorders like anorexia n bulimia and sometimes just to cover a pimple-scar, they are ready to become a house of wax! Ridiculous!

Some questions come to my mind:
- Does our society pay a high premium on physical appearance?
- Is beauty more than skin deep?
- Am I beautiful?

Beauty has always been a desirable trait in our society. Though it is difficult to have a unified definition of beauty, but our notions can be encapsulated in some catch-phrases: gentlemen prefer blondes, real women have curves; big is beautiful, thin is in…. Interestingly this covers the entire range from athletic, voluptuous, slender, and elfish to wafer-thin looks. From childhood, we grow on fairy tales that extol beauty. Cinderella wins a handsome prince when she turns into a stunner with just the flick of a magic wand! We idolize mythical Goddess like Venus n Aphrodite and even make immortal some mortals like Nefertiti, Cleopatra and Helen-of-Troy. Girls play with Barbie dolls that have impossible gravity-defying figures and in tune with the modern hi-tech age; we’ve created Lara Croft.
So our advertising strategists are basically exploiting our in-built weakness for ravishing good-looks. And people fall prey to their marketing blitz, so it’s like a vicious self-feeding cycle.

Coming to the second question: Is beauty just skin-deep?
Does physical attributes have any role-to-play in our society?
Long back, I had read an interesting study on the “biological purpose” of beauty. Some Natural Scientists claim that evolution has so shaped our minds that we find those aspects of body more beautiful which suggests fertility and rearing. Among women: clear skin, good hair and hourglass figure are signs of good heath and suggest reproductive capacity! Among men: virile macho-looks with broad shoulders n strong chin suggests ability to protect the family.
Though I found this theory very interesting, but it’s extremely limited in scope and application. In real life humans include many more attributes when bonding as a couple. So sadly [or not] just physical appearances doesn’t take an individual too far!! That’s why it’s even more frightening to see the extremes to which some women can go just to look a little better.

If you are beautiful; will life be perfect? A positive self-image goes a much longer way in guaranteeing a happier content life. We got to learn to accept our bodies; pamper it with nutritious food and generous doze of sleep and put it through the rigors of good physical activities. Beauty is just skin-deep. It takes a beautiful mind and a beautiful heart to uncover the full potentials of a beautiful self.

Finally; it's time for self-evaluation: Am I beautiful?
Answer: YES !!! EXTREMELY!!!
In my world, I am THE QUEEN.
Out there‘s a bevy of handsome hunks with ribbed 6-pack-abs; slogging in gyms n donning designer outfits … struggling just to win my attention! I like some of them more than the others; I prefer Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Richard Gere over the rest .. I try to give them their due by being a dedicated follower of their movies.
Occasionally I visit the beauty parlors for a routine of massage, manicure-pedicure n some other minor brush-ups here-n-there. I believe in healthy-food eating habits n sleep-therapy and manage to pull-on an on-off relationship with gym. No body-mutilations, no piercing, no tattoos...
But I love to color my hair: RED!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Yesterday; driving to my friends place, I crossed a bakery; and as always;
I was momentarily overwhelmed by the rapturous aroma of freshly baked bread …
Aren’t few smells incredibly wonderful ...
... whiff of hot caramel corn as we enter a film theater; sniff of freshly brewed coffee at the 7-11 corner shop; snuff of the very first rain-shower after a scorching-hot summer … to name just a few …

The power of smell is undeniable….
Whereas in lower animal’s forms; where “chemical communication” is pivotal; bodily produced “pheromones” play an important role in attracting mates. In humans; the role of smell in communicating; is relegated to relative obscurity; as we possess highly complex arsenals in our repository; including words, gestures and body language. But still; there is no denying that there is a very strong correlation between our olfactory senses and our emotions. Since time immemorial we have used scents from natural extracts and aromatherapy; not only to indulge in some attractive fragrance but also to relax and rejuvenate our body and soul.

Though, the sense of smell is a highly personal; there are some smells that are almost universally loathed.Like the obnoxious, noisome suffocating fumes that buses spew; or the miasmic clouds that chemical industries belch out. But we have put in place various “Pollution Control Laws” to take care of these.

Now there are some smells that evoke sharply contrasting reactions; like, the smell of a cigarette smoke! To me, it is an “olfactory assault”; but to some dear peers of mine is “happy moments”!!!

So when I’m out at a restaurant, with any of these smoker friends of mine; we are at a cross-purpose very soon. When my friend lights up a cigarette; with the obvious intension of enhancing the pleasure of food and company; I am cringing inside. I feel suffocated, my eyes burn and I gasp for a breath of fresh air. At the back of mind, I often wonder, as to why I made myself a victim of “passive smoking” when I damn well know that it is carcinogenic and also causes heart diseases, asthma... But I usually keep quite, not to offend my friends...

However, I take relief in the knowledge that my woes are shared by many …
Now-a-days, in Chicago, a hot-button topic of debate is: Should smoking at public places be banned?

Some argue capitalism is all about the freedom of choice.
This includes ‘right’ to make ‘wrong’ choices.
Yeah !! I agree!!!
I strongly support an individual’s freedom to make choices.
But some choices have inherent contradictions and dilemmas.
What when the exercise of choice by one, preempts the opportunity of another to make their choices?

So when a smoker pollutes the environment, this act, preempts the right of a non-smoker to breathe fresh air. When we have laws regulating individual rights in cases of ”driving-under-influence” and buckling up in “seat-bealts”; then a law to ban smoking at public places should definitely be imposed ..

FLIP SIDE: There goes my last good *excuse* to refuse a late-night dinner out;
when I just wish to stay-home; curl up on my couch and watch a super-action-thriller on TV!!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Psychedelic Sixties

... Psychedelic Rock; evolved as an attempt to capture the mind-altering qualities of drugs. The ‘lyrics’ often described visions of dreams, illusions n hallucination and the ‘instrumentation’ became longer ......

MORE: Psychedelic Sixties

[In my other Blog: "The Sound of Music']

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Forever in Blue Jeans ...

Money Talks
But it don’t sing and dance, And it don’t walk
As long as I can have you here with me
I’d much rather be … Forever in Blue Jeans
(Neil Diamond)

Another of life’s sheer pleasures is – a pair of blue jeans!

But when it comes to jeans, I cannot settle for one fixed cut, color or style …
I love my “low-rise, boot-leg, stretch” as much as my “skin-tight , ankle-length Capri” !! I want my “super-fade, light-blue, tapered-legs” to look as if it’s been with me forever; but; my “anti-fade, deep-indigo, flare-cut” to look as if its brand new. I want my hip-hugger as well as my baggy; zip-fly as well as button-fly!! Embroidery – Yes, Sequins – Better!! It doesn’t end here, I even want denim accessories: jackets, sling-bags and wrist-watch with denim strap. Also, blue is not the only color I fancy; I want camel, brown, gray, green, black … pink, red and purple jeans!!!

If I have my way, I’ll wear jeans everywhere...
by that I mean even to workplace and formal parties!!!
Maybe that day of my dreams is not too far from actualizing. If we see the trend, whereas originally, jeans was worn by outdoor laborers such as farmers and cowboys; now even our President wears it and with great pride. Today all the designers in the world, vie for a bigger share in the ever-increasing jeans market. Jeans is now termed as the great equalizer as has crossed the boundaries of class, age, race, nationality. With unmatched comfort and versatility; it has survived the test of time and trends. So my speculation that soon enough a day will dawn when jeans will be an acceptable wear even on formal occasions , doesn’t seem too far-fetched …
Imagine a G8 Summit, where all the Head of States congregate in casual blue denim!!!

Wonder if I’m being avant-garde or retrograde?
Hmmm …. Maybe retro. These days, I seem to be totally enamored the charm of the “counterculture movement” of the sixties. I’ve just written on its indelible legacy in the field of music and now I’m mulling over its gargantuan influence in the realm of fashion – jeans!!! It was the defiant and rebellious baby-boomer generation; that discarded the formal suits and embraced the simple, rugged and relaxed – blue jeans! Though originally developed in Italy, it became popular in the US, in the sixties, by none other than the hippies; as a symbol of break from the rigid social mores. Since then its popularity rather than waning has steadily soared. By 70’s there were designer jeans in the market and today we are inundated by a selection of leading brands: levi’s, Wrangler, Lee, Pepe, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger … Heck, I even love the jeans advertisements; my favorite is of Gap; where Lenny Kravitz plays guitar and Serra Jessica Parker dances to the beats of song “lady”:

I’m crazy for the lady,
she’s chic but she’s not shady yeah
Sophisticated lady
And she makes me feel good,
She’s so fine

Luckily, my love for jeans is complimented by my genes for shopping!
I L-O-V-E shopping!!!

There’s one queer habit I got: I scribble a lot.; noting down everything that holds my interest; to the extent that I don’t hesitate from making small notes even in departmental stores .…
one of the topics have been the different *styles* of jeans:

Here’s from my scribble-pad:
FITS: classic, relaxed, baggy, straight-leg, boot-leg, flare, tapered…
POCKETS: classic 5-pocket, buttoned back-flap pocket, no back pocket..
WAIST: high-rise, regular, low-rise ..
FLY: zip-fly, button-fly
EXTENDED SIZES: tall, petite, maternity, plus …

More interesting is the different types of pre-washed jeans….
Here’s more from scribble pad, with some help from Google-Search for meaning;
STONE-WASH: jeans are tumbled together with pumice stone in large washers.
ACID- WASH: there is some oxidizing agents as potassium permanganate along with stone wash
SAND -WASH: Same but sand is put instead of stones to abrade and soften …
DIRTY-WASH - after stone-wash, denim is dyed with special chemicals, creating a dirty-jeans look.
WHISKERS - white lines are made by grinder, near the crotch area; that look like wrinkles
TINTS - Jeans undergo a second dye process …

How I love this range ….
Life’s simple pleasures is in the plethora of choices it offers ....

Now did I just conclude the very reverse of my previous claim?
In my previous write-up; on coffee; I had expressed my angst against the array of choices available …
Now I am extolling and singing paeans of the sheer delight in the multitude of choices offered ..

“ Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself.
I am large, I contain multitudes”
- Walt Whiteman

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My cup of ....

One of life’s simple pleasures is …
Waking up to a cup of steaming hot coffee!

I’m more than happy with my instant variety of coffee: Nescafe’s Tasters Choice!
Not decaf, not gourmet, but the original blend. Simple to prepare: take one large mug, add one teaspoon each of coffee, sugar and creamer and then pour some boiling hot water. That’s it!!!
So begins my day … good, bad or ugly….

Coming to US, I inadvertently switched from tea to coffee, for reasons I have never bothered to figure out. The fact that, this is a land of coffee-guzzlers and is the largest coffee-consuming nation on the planet; might have played its subtle role. Now, since this is also the land of the premium coffee retailer: Starbucks; I frequent it every now-n-then. But rather than feeling sungly content, I feel peeved, vexed and annoyed. Lemme add few more words to portray my state of mind; I feel disoriented, confounded, perplexed, irritated and aggravated . Reason: I'm lost in the long list of fancy named flavors they offer: Espresso, Cappuccino, Frapuccino, Americano, Café latte, Café Mocha, Macchiato ..... and then to garnish with sprinkling of nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate powder ....
When all I desire is just a simple cup of steaming hot coffee!!!
I support the call for just coffee flavored coffee. (No, this concept is not my brain-child)

The ordeal doesn’t end there, enter any supermarket and the fresh aroma of beans hits me like a cupid’s arrow and pulls me to the coffee corner. But this instant gratification is woefully transient in effect and soon the same old problem strikes; which one to choose: Java, Jamaican, Columbian, Costa-Rican, Ethiopian, Kenyan … ???
Ohh… how I respect those aficionados who can tell the difference.
I had studied that capitalism is all about choices. Now with empirical observation I conclude: Increased choice leads to decreased satisfaction. Adding more options makes me worse-off: confused, irked, exasperated, disappointed, frustrated, depressed …
I wonder; aren’t these the very conditions that coffee is supposed to remedy?

Nothing like a strong cup of coffee, to soothe the frazzled nerves!!! Though I consume coffee strictly for the quick shot of adrenaline it guarantees; which makes me feel alert and ready for the day; but I’m more than happy to know that it offers me some concomitant benefits. Researches prove that coffee has anti-oxidants; which protects against cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer. That’s a good bonus, I think …

So I settle for my cup of steaming hot instant coffee !!!
Simple pleasures in life should be kept simple.
Occasionally though, this pleasure can stirred up ..
with a dash of spirit – whiskey or brandy - and some whipped cream!!!



Tall = Small; Grande = Medium; Venti = Large

• ESPRESSO: A solo espresso is a single shot, which is a bit less than an ounce...
• ESPRESSO MACCHIATO: Espresso dropped into a cup of milk foam. These are ordered not by cup size, but by the number of shots.
• LATTE ESPRESSO: Steamed milk, and foam, not sweetened.
• CAPPUCCINO: Like a latte, only much more foam; normally half milk half foam.
• AMERICANO: Espresso diluted with hot water until it's roughly the strength of regular coffee. An Americano will usually have one more shot than a latte of the same size.
• MOCHA: Espresso and steamed milk mixed with chocolate and served with whipped cream on top. If you're looking for one of them milkshake-looking things, you want a mocha Frappuccino.
• COFFEE FRAPPACCINO: Pre-made coffee / sweetener base blended with ice, resulting in kind of a milkshake looking concoction. Normally served without whipped cream.

Reference: http://www.quicksilverweb.net/sbucks/sbcharts.html

Placebo Effect

Placebo: An inert medication with no causal effect.
Placebo Effect: The beneficial effect as a consequence of administration of placebo.

So here’s an attempt to pen some innocuous thoughts,
which may yield some salutary benefits of precious smiles and laughters!

My interest in music, movies and photography, has prompted me to collect a whole lot of information in these fields. I plan to organize these in a more meaningful way so soon I may add a few more Blogs to this.
For starters there's "The Sound of Music".

These posts are here to shared with readers, whose comments I value.

SPECIAL THANKS to these peers whose Blogs I've not only enjoyed reading
but also have commented a lot: Wiz-Kid, Angel-of-Hades and the Poor-Indian-Graduate!!!
Now here is your opportunity to mess up mine ....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Old Time Rock N Roll

... This always evoked in me vivid images of “hippies”; who sported a very amusing fashion-taste of long hair, short-skirts, and bell-bottom or rather preferred being partially nude; who adhered to and advocated free expression of love-n-sex and were totally cool with the liberal use of psychedelic drugs....

MORE: The Sound Of Music